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Sunday, February 16, 2014

| BLOG | Introduction to the Season 2 New Cast :D


sorry for the inactivities and idleness the past days. Although it is 3 weeks too late, we would like to dedicate this blog post to the introduction of Season 2 casts :D :D....!!! You can read also under the "Cast Profile " Tab ;) Enjoy reading

as of January 2014 - present

Yoon Min Soo and Yoon Hoo 

Yoon Minsoo
Birthday: February 2, 1980
Occupation: Singer (Vibe)

Yoon Hoo
Birthday: November 29, 2006
Parents: Yoon Minsoo and Kim Minji
Brother: No

Yoon Hoo is a chubby and happy boy"Appa, odiga?". His hobbies are eating and playing. His favorite food is fried eggs. Yoon-hoo is also famously known for being kind to his friends and hyung She is close to her mother , which he calls "Nini" affectionately in several occasions. Yoon ho's father is Minsoo. Minsoo Yon is the youngest father in "Appa, odiga?". He is really playful to his son.

In Season 2, Yoon Hoo will be the oldest child on the show. 

Im Chan Young and Ryu Jin

Im Chan Young
Birthday : 9 December 2007
Parents : Ryu Jin (Father)

Ryu Jin
Date of Birth : 1972-11-16
Occupation : Actor

Im Chan Young is a very active kid. He is the first son in Ryu Jin's family. His father is an actor who is known acting in Prime Minister and I recently.

Sung Bin and Sung Dong Il

Sung Bin
Date of Birth : October 21, 2008
Sung Dongil
Birthday: April 27, 1967
Occupation: Actor
Drama: Chuno, 1997 Reply

Who hasn't met the infamous sister of Sung Joon, Sung Bin?? This cheerful, sunny, positive and sometimes stubborn little girl is now in the second season of Appa Odiga :D. She is exactly the polar opposite of her older brother, Joon. Her personality is pretty much the same with her father, a lil bit outspoken and out of control sometimes.

Ahn Ri Hwan and Ahn Jung Hwan

Ahn Ri Hwan
age : 8
siblings: one older sister

Ahn Jung Hwan
Birthday : 27 January 1976
Occupation : former football player

Ahn Jung Hwan is a South Korean former football player. He made world headlines by scoring the winning golden goal for South Korea against Italy in the 2002 FIFA World Cup second round, and earning him dismissal from the Italian club Perugia.
Ahn also played for clubs in Japan, France, Germany and China, as well as being selected for South Korea in two more World Cups, in 2006 and 2010. (source : wikipedia)

In this season, he came with his son, Ahn Ri Hwan who is active and very friendly. He is close with Sung Bin.

Kim Min Yul and Kim Sung Joo

Kim Min Yul
Birthday: March 7, 2009
Siblings: Kim Min Guk, Kim Min Jung

Kim Sung Joo
Birthday: October 10, 1972
Occupation: Announcer / MC

Who doesn't remember about Min Yul, Min Guk's little brother from season 1? This cute and cheerful little boy will be traveling with his dad on Season 2. He is sometimes a crybaby and can be a bit stubborn. He also has difficulties to address someone who is older than him ( In Korea, you have to call someone older than you with rightful title like "Oppa" or "Hyung". We hope in this season Min Yul will always be lucky in regard on choosing house and accommodation ;)

Kim Gyu Won and Kim Jin Pyo

Kim Gyu Won
Birthday : May 5, 2010
Siblings : One older brother

Kim Jin Pyo
Birthday : August 13, 1977
Occupation : Singer , South Korean Rapper , TV Show Host

Kim Jin Pyo is a South Korean rapper and TV show host, also known as the former member of groups Panic and Novasonic, and the host of Top Gear Korea, the Korean version of the BBC television franchise Top Gear. (source : wikipedia)

We are so happy that on this season, there will be two gils who will join, and one of them is Kim Gyu Won, daughter of Kim Jin Pyo! Although she is shy and quiet, she is really cheerful and playful near those she is familiar with. The reason why Kim Jin Pyo took his daughter to the trips is because she is very close with her mother, so Kim Jin Pyo wants her daughter to be also close to him. 


Lee Jong Hyuk

Birthday: July 31, 1974
Occupation: Actor
Drama: Chuno: Slave Hunter, A gentleman's dignity

Some of you may know, he was one of the cast member of Appa Odiga Season 1 with his 4D son Lee Junsu. In this season, he will replace Lee Juk from season 1 as the narrator.

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