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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Episode List

Hey there :)
Hmm..So you want to watch?
All episodes are in ENGLISH, except for few with this remark "RAW" which means that no english subtitle available :)


Episode 81 Lee Junsu and Lee Jonghyuk Special Visit !

Episode 80 Lee Junsu and Lee Jonghyuk Special Visit !

Episode 79 Let's Exchange our Dad !

Episode 78 Let's Exchange our Dad !

Episode 77 Appa ! Let's Go to Brazil

Episode 76 Appa ! Let's Go to Brazil

Episode 75 Overseas Trip / Low Cost Trip

Episode 58 First Vacation of Season 2 part 3

Episode 57 First Vacation of Season 2 part 2

Episode 56 First Vacation of Season 2 part 1


Episode 38 Best Friend Special part 1

Episode 37 Ranch Experience part 3 

Episode 36 Ranch Experience part 2

Episode 35 Mysterious island part 3 + Ranch Experience part 1

Episode 34 Mysterious island part 2

Episode 33 Picking Plums in Kimcheon + Mysterious Island part 1

Episode 32 Picking Plums in Kimcheon / Siblings Special Part 2

Episode 31 Picking Plums in Kimcheon / Siblings Special Part 1

Episode 30 Trip to Beach part 2

Episode 29 Trip to Beach part 1 

Episode 28 Camping in the Valley part 2

Episode 27 Camping in the Valley part 1

Episode 26 Temple's stay part 2

Episode 25 Camping at School (END) + Temple's stay (part 1)

Episode 24  Camping at School Part 2 

Episode 23 Camping at School Part 1 

Episode 22  Sports Day with Siblings Special! part 3

Episode 21 Sports Day with Siblings Special! part 2

Episode 20 Sports Day with Siblings Special! part 1

Episode 17 , Episode 18 , Episode  19 Fisherman's Village in Ando

Episode 15 , Episode 16  Historical Trip to Bonghwa

Episode 13 , Episode 14  Planting tree with Dad

Episode 10, Episode 11, Episode 12  Jeju's Island Holiday

Episode 8 , Episode 9  Jungsun Gangwon-do

Episode 7 Chuncheon Winter Camp! part 3

Episode 6 Chuncheon Winter Camp! part 2

Episode 5  Chuncheon Winter Camp! part 1

Episode 3 & 4 Dumori Farming Village

Episode 1 & 2  Hidden Island "Gangwon"



In this page, you'll find the "episode guide" for our beloved show including the thema and place.

Click the episode you want to watch . It will direct you to the the episode you specifically want to watch. After clicking the link you can find both raw and english subbed videos. For the english subbed video, we want to thank SHIAREAGY and KSHOWNOW for their endless effort by subbing the video ^.^ Thank you guys!!

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Enjoy :)
Click on the epsidoe you want to watch, and for episodes that have this mark(*), you will be directed to the original website :) So, there is no adfly, linkbucks,etc.

UPDATE: as shiareagy.tubmlr.com/weebly.com are suspended, we use the links from various website such as allvarietyshow.blogspot.comk24h.comkshownow.netkshowonline.com , etc. Any ads came directly from them, if you want to disable the ads you are freely to do so :)

You can also find RAW video starting from Episode 21 onwards~

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