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Saturday, March 16, 2013


Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this FAQ before posing a question or comment ^.^

Q: Who are you guys? Are you the subber?

A: We just ordinary girls who love Appa Odiga :D ...Importantly, we are not the spokeperson, subber, translator, uploader, or owner of any Appa Odiga episodes ^.^ 

Q : What are your motives on making or launching this blog?

A : We want to gather all informations about Appa Odiga for our own amusement initially. Now, we just want to help those who have yet no access to you-know-who's new forum :( One of  our admins, luckily, made herself a member so we kinda now what's going on  there or the latest episodes that are launched. 

This page will always be updated ^.^

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